Given the current state of the market and position of the brand, it’s vital for a culturally relevant and uthentic leader to reintroduce MINT to the world. The young, urban, fashion conscious male consumer’s mindset is Addicted To Fresh. Addicted To Fresh isn’t only a cliché saying but an actual lifestyle crew that influences 24/7/365. Led by cultural tastemaker, DJ Clark Kent, the fashion, hip hop, and sneaker game has been taken beyond anything anyone would have ever imagined and has thus developed a whole fellowship of lifestyle enthusiasts who thrive on staying fresh. These generations of tastemakers are creating the new trends, using their sneakers to tell their life stories, and are the muse aspirants to their peers.


DJ Clark Kent is the General of the lifestyle crew ATF (Addicted To Fresh) aka the DJ that broke the music icon Jay-Z into the rap game aka the sneaker aficionado of all sneakerheads. Clark has led the influx of sneakerhead culture since its inception. His influence and passion for the game is beyond measurable and only cosigns the best.

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